A big "Thank you"  for such an amazing teacher. Luciana you help so many people doing what you do . God bless you and give you health , wealth and energy to help more people. I feel different since I did the one day  Huna seminar .  Thank you 

"Hi Luciana,   I want to say thank you for your invaluable help on this journey & what really is a miracle

*I'm already extremely thankful that you're here & for the amazing work you do. The whole experience working with you is  extremely comforting, reassuring & has given me a lot of insight & hope that I would never have had otherwise....it's an absolutely priceless gift & something I'll treasure forever. Thank you for having the integrity & kindness (that some others do not have), & for being pure & clear vessel for insights & messages from the Akashic Records. It's really like having a 'phone number to heaven' so to speak. It has confirmed a lot from what I got intuitively, & also uncovered some beautiful gems that I will always keep. I'm also very grateful that, especially around matters of the heart, you always bring across the information with respect, grace & sensitivity----something that is crucial but which some others are totally missing (the above). I really appreciate the way you bring the information across in a way that is so well-articulated and easy to understand, as well as deep insights and messages that add so much to the basic info.  I'll keep taking the levels of IET . In the meantime, I'll continue to refer people who are interested in the AR, craniosacral, etc. Please add to the testimonial: "Luciana is a gentle spirit with a direct & pure connection to Spirit. She is very gifted and holds a beautiful space for healing to take place. As anyone lucky enough to work with her can tell, this is her true vocation & calling."

"I do not know if you real;ize how much you help people. Last week I  was in so much pain and  I had an apointmet with you and I'm pain free. You are a mracle worker. Tanks so much . Love  Rose "    

As a client of Luciana's I've been fortunate enough to embrace a deeper understanding of myself through her healing techniques and 
seminars.  Luciana's healing techniques have been extremely beneficial in releasing any physical ailments, repressed emotions and limited beliefs. 
In participating in her IET and Huna seminars, she has empowered me to use the techniques for my own self healing, and to have a deeper awareness of myself.  Luciana is a wonderful inspiration as a healer and teacher. I can't thank her enough for the great changes she's made in my life.

" I want to thank you for everything you have helped me with. I do not know where I would be without you . " S




" Luciana has been a gift to my entire family. Not only has she eradicated my chronic migraines and relieved my husband's stomach problem, but she was also able to provide releif to our newborn baby .  Our daughter was born with a reasonably bad case of GERD. She was in constant  discomfort, had dificulty eating and slept  very little. After one session with Luciana , at 3 weeks of age, she was visibly more relaxed and doubled the lenght of time she would sleep, from 2 to 4 hours. After the second sessionshe was sleeping six hours and her stomach pain become a rare occurence. Immediatly after the first treatment I noticed  an improvement in the feadings, which allowed her to go longer between sessions. Most importantly she was visibly happier and more comfortable." - Julie B      

"Luciana is a great mentor and coach in all life matters. She tremendously help me to understand and solve a variety of personal issues, and through that, to improve my life and my career. She is very knowledgeable in her field and she uses personalized approaches for every given situation, including a combination of various techniques.
I am very grateful for all her help and I only wish more people to be aware and opened to this kind of help." 

I've known Luciana for many years and she's helped me with emotional and physical issues. She is very educated in her field and I love her.

“Luciana Stan is a top-notch healer, HUNA practitioner, Reconnective Healer, NLP Therapist, IET Practitioner and Cranial Sacral Therapist. Luciana is able to bridge multiple modalities during one treatment, depending on what is best needed at that very moment. She has helped me transform in my life and business on many levels. Her blessing is to be able to free you from deeply held patterns on emotional, physical, mental and spiritual levels for greater clarity, confidence and vibrant health!” July 9, 2011

Dear Luciana,

I am most happy to provide this testimonial for you.

11 years ago, I had an incident with a horse, which caused me to be thrown and subsequently, with great force, I banged my head on the ground. 3 years ago, I slipped and fell very hard on the ice, and again, I banged my head. After taking a Cranial Sacral course I knew that I had a lateral strain, and that this was the cause of the discomfort in the back of my head.

Terry Astbury, RMT

I first learned about cranio sacral therapy a few months ago. My chiropractor advised me to take a few sessions, saying it would be a great help in treating both the physical & the emotional leftovers of the closed head injury I suffered 5 months ago. So I made an appointment to Luciana.

She was very professional, explained all the details about the therapy about what she was going to do, answered all my questions and the best of all: she was smiling all the time, radiating peace & confidence. The one hour session went by very quickly.

Luciana has healing, sensitive heands. Her CranioSacral Therapy helped enormously with my broken collar bone, and my hole body benefited. I feel lighter and free in my posture and movments. Thank you . Iam so glad I discouvered you.

Mary Mitchell

I am pleased to offer this testimonial on behalf of Luciana Stan, Cranial Sacral Therapist. I was referred to Luciana by an RMT who said "Luciana does in one session what others do in four."
I was not familiar with Cranial Sacral Therapy but made an appointment hoping to get relief from a number of symptoms that had defied more conventional treatment.

Marilyn Harding

I have known Luciana Stan for over four years. I knew she practiced reiki and cranio but I was a bit of a skeptic and never tried it. I have a chronic illness (lupus), which causes fatigue and joint pain along with more serious complications such as organ damage. I have been heavily medicated for a few years now, including low-dosage chemotherapy drugs. The drug treatments have been very effective in controlling my lupus, but are very toxic and invasive. I came across an article detailing alternative treatments, including reiki and decided to finally give Luciana a try.


To whoever may read this. Luciana is a gift from God. She has the ability to give wonderful energy to the needy and ill. Her disposition is always positive and her intent is of an angel...

I highly recommend her to any one that needs healing.

Silvia Austin

I thank you my Guardian Angel who definitely helped me to meet this wonderful human being called Luciana, at the Whole Life Expo - Metro Toronto Convention Centre. I was looking for some MIRACLE to balance and harmonize my mind, to heal my physical pain and to surround my soul with light.

I never believed that one person could do all of this for me, in the shortest time possible. I found peace of mind, I started healing my physical body and unloading a lot of trash out of my soul.
Thank you God for bringing Luciana into my life.

AMAZING - Sat down, felt 200 lbs heavy - after treatment felt 150 lbs lighter, Floated away!!!

Thank you very much.

Felt totally safe and could feel the energy moving so that I left feeling balanced, pain free and open. You have good energy! Thank you.

Sandra Shore

Since I started the therapy three month ago, I have not had a migraine headache and headaches in general have been less severe and are steadily becomming less painful. Previously I experienced migraines at least monthly.


I have not felt this released for a long time, the sense of energy exchange was wonderful. I really enjoyed the treatment.

Sue Hampson

My condition was chronic. My neck kept twisting to the right and I had a pulse in my left foot. The pulse which I had in my left foot is now gone. My head is moving more and more to the left which I found difficult in the past two years. I find that the CranioSacral Therapy has helped me.

Joan Smith

I have received from Luciana, both types of therapies, CranioSacral and Reiki.

The CranioSacral Therapy session is a very soft and relaxing experience. Sometimes, I even got to sleep through part of the session. You can really feel the emotional releases like a weight that it's lifted from your respiration and you feel that you can breathe more easily after that. Also, some pains that I sometimes have in the back of my head are disappearing after a session. I had Cranio done after I had an ankle injury and it provided a faster release of the pain and a faster recovery process. It's really one of the therapies that has an immediate palpable effect and also provides a long term assistance in the release and transformation of past traumas.


Dear Luciana,

I just wanted to express my feelings to you on paper regarding your treatments. I can't thank you enough on how much you have helped me mentally, physically and especially emotionally. You are definitely Heaven Sent. And I just want you to be aware that I'm very skeptical when it comes to people who mention that they have "healing hands" etc. Which I stay away from. I came to you only because a spiritual friend of mine recommended you to me.